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In this 4th edition of ACCELNEWS, will be highlighted the Bordeaux medical and scientific capacity in the field of neurological diseases and mental disorders that are nowadays the subject of a significant concentration of means of investigation; Unither Pharmaceuticals, world leader in sterile unit dose production, whose R & D headquarter is located near Bordeaux; and ACCELENCE which now supports, two years after its implementation, 100 industry sponsored clinical trials or innovative projects conducted by its founding members or partners investigation sites.
Neurological diseases and mental disorders are among the diseases which seriously affect modern society. With the increase in life expectancy, neurological disorders boosts, calling for appropriate therapeutic responses.

The Bordeaux University Hospital research is one of the first centres in France in this field. Many reference centres are concentrated, both in terms of basic research, clinical research and pharmaco-epidemiological research. They cover a very broad spectrum of scientific and medical expertise. They are, among others, teams of national and international renown focusing on topics such as Alzheimer's disease and related disorders (Pr JF.DARTIGUES, Pr J.M.ORGOGOZO, Pr M.RAINFRAY, Dr S.AURIACOMBE), Parkinson's disease and related syndromes (Pr F.TISON, Pr W.MEISSNER, Pr A.VITAL, Dr E.BEZARD, Dr A.FOUBERT), psycho-behavioural disorders (Pr P.BURBAUD), sleep impairment, lack of alertness, deficit and attention, and neuropsychiatric disorders (Pr P.PHILIP, Pr M.BOUVARD, Dr S.BIOULAC, DrC. FABRIGOULE, Dr I.GHORAYEB), multiple sclerosis (Pr B.BROCHET), stoke (PR. I.SIBON), paediatrics and adult epilepsy (Dr C.MARCHAL, Dr J.M.PEDESPAN, Dr J.M.QUINCY), neuropathic pain (Dr V.DOUSSET, Dr M.CADENNE), adolecence disorders (Dr X.POMMEREAU, Dr M.DELORME) as well as addiction and depression (Pr M.AURIACOMBE, Pr P.V.PIAZZA, Dr M.FATSEAS), schizophrenia (Dr B.ANTONIOL, Dr D.MISDRAHI), and autism (Pr M.BOUVARD, Dr C.GALERA). We will mention also the study of the early signs of the Alzheimer's disease in the framework of the cohort MEMENTO (Pr G.CHENE) sponsored by the Bordeaux University Hospital and coordinated by the Institute of public health, epidemiology and development - ISPED -, and at last the Centre of Pharmacology and epidemiology of the Segalen Bordeaux University (Pr N.MOORE, Pr B.BEGAUD, Pr M.MOLIMARD, Pr A.FOURRIER-REGLAT, Pr P.BLIN).

Moreover these clinical investigation capacities are backed up by significant technical resources such as centres of neurosurgery and neurophysiology (Pr P.BURBAUD, Pr E.CUNY, Pr D.GUEHL), virtual reality simulation, radiology, cell biology fully distinguished by the national programme ‘investment of the future” (Labex BRAIN - Dr D.CHOQUET, Labex TRAIL - Pr V.DOUSSET, Equipex PHENOVIRT - Pr P.PHILIP).

In the dynamic Neurocampus investment program-driven, financially supported by the Regional Council of the Bordeaux Region, the clinical Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases (IMNc) and the Bio-imaging Institute (IMN-IBIO) will be officially launched this year in the heart of the complex Bordeaux University Hospital, the Pellegrin Hospital site. Thus, within a very same geographic perimeter of ten kilometres, bounded by the Pellegrin hospital, the Segalen Bordeaux University and the Charles Perrens Hospital, more than 500 researchers, physicians, bio-engineers and technicians already interact and together build up one of the most attractive scientific environment in Europe as neurological diseases and mental disorders are concerned. Over the last 5 years, they counted for more than 600 publications and the conduct of more than 150 industry sponsored clinical trials.

From the point of view of a sponsor from the health sector, the Bordeaux research allows access to many patients and healthy subjects for the conduct of clinical trials, and to powerful means of validation of proof of concept through translational research.

UNITHER is a worldwide CMO specializing in Pharmaceutical Development which offers comprehensive state-of-the-art Formulation and Analytical services to Pharmaceutical companies.

On its GMP platform, Unither Développement Bordeaux carries out the following works:

- Formulation and Clinical batches manufacturing (plain or coated tablets, hard capsules, sachets, liquids et semi-solids in bottles, vials, tubes, stick-packs, eye-drops) Active and Placebo.

- Analytical Development and validation (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, Dissolutests / LC –MS TOF for throughout research on plain or formulated active compounds).

- ICH stability studies zones I to IV, Suntest, Extractables and Leachables studies.

- Manufacturing or Analytical Troubleshooting.

- CTD files compiling and audit, formulation and/or analytical work, variations compiling.

With more than 20 years of experience, a team of 50 and seniors experts at all the key functions, Unither Développement Bordeaux offers the best to Health companies for their products development or Life Cycle Management.

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Average inclusion rate (ratio between the initial objectives and the number of patients actually enrolled for trials which the “last patient in” period is over): 86%
Investigation sites : Bordeaux University Hospital, Institut Bergonie, Côte Basque Hospital, Charles Perrens Hospital, Libourne Hospital, private practitioners.
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